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Trouble shooting guide
  1. Does not print out at all or does not print out all colors--

    This can happen when dried ink clogs the nozzle. Gently blot the print head with a damp and lint-free towel to clean away the clogged ink. If the cartridge still won't print, soak the nozzle area (bottom of the cartridge) in warm water for several minutes. To do this, place the cartridge in a white Styrofoam cup (Styrofoam is soft and will not damage the cartridge nozzle) and fill with water until the cartridge is halfway submerged. If the cartridge still does not print, leave the cartridge in the cup of water overnight and try again.

    If the cartridge contains foam after refilling, it may take a few minutes for the ink to settle. Place the cartridge in its cradle, wait 15-20 minutes, and try gain. If the printer still does not work, your cartridge may be damaged and needs to be replaced.

  2. Leaking after refill--

    This can happen if you put too much ink in the cartridge or if the cartridge is damaged. Minor leaking is normal and will stop when the air pressure inside the cartridge is balanced. If the cartridge is leaking heavily, place it on a folded piece of paper or in a disposable cup and let the excess ink run out. When the leaking stops, wipe the cartridge clean and put it back into the printer.

  3. White streak--

    If the streaking is irregular, use the recommendations for a clogged nozzle. However, if the streak is a regular one, the printer head on your cartridge is damaged and you will need to replace the cartridge.

  4. Printing out the mixed color after refilling--

    This happens when too much ink is injected. If the ink is only mixing at the bottom of the cartridge, you can print several pages until the proper colors appear. If the colors continue to print out mixed, the ink may have overflowed between the containers and contaminated all of the colors and you will have to replace the cartridge.

  5. Bubbles are forming after refilling--

    This happens when ink gets around the contact point of the print head. Blot the wet area with a lint-free cloth or paper and reset the cartridge in the cradle. If the problem continues after you have cleaned the area, you will have to replace the cartridge.

  6. When printer does not recognize the cartridge--

    This happens when the contact on the printer cartridge is dirty or has ink around it. With a lint-free cloth or cotton swab, gently wipe the contact and reset into the cradle. If you continue to have the same problem, after you have cleaned the contact, you may have to replace the cartridge.

The common reason for damage to the printer nozzle

  1. The printer was forced to print without ink.

  2. The printer was not used for a long time resulting in a clogged nozzle.

  3. The nozzle is not getting an electric signal due to moisture or damage to the printer head.

  4. There is other damage to the printer head or jetting point.

  5. The printing paper is bad.