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Tips for successful refill
  1. Refill the cartridge in use. Do not use old cartridges that have been outside the printer for a long time.

  2. Refill ink before the cartridge runs out. When you see signs of low ink, such as light colored prints or white streaking, it is time to refill.

  3. Read the manual thoroughly and follow the directions carefully.

  4. Use the right ink for your printer model. ONE ink will not work in ALL printers. The size of the ink molecule and the chemical elements are different for every model. If you use the wrong ink for your printer, it may clog the nozzle and reduce the life of your printer.

  5. When refilling, inject the ink as slowly as possible to avoid overflowing and contaminating the other colors.

  6. After refilling, let the cartridge sit for 15-20 minutes.