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Why Refill - Basic Refill FAQ
Basic Refill FAQ
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Basic Refill FAQ

  1. What is refilling?  
  2. To refill your existing cartridges with ink.

  3. When to refill?  

    You must refill your cartridges before they completely run out. Once the cartridge becomes empty, the ink starts to dry and may clog the nozzle.

  4. How many times can I refill? 
  5. It depends upon the condition of the cartridge. You can usually refill up to eight or ten times before the cartridge wears out and must be replaced.

  6. Refilling will void the OEM's warranty on my printer? 

    - Absolutely not! It is illegal for a printer manufacturer to require you to use any particular brand of supplies. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cannot void your warranty unless they can conclusively prove that other brands of supplies will damage the machine. To enforce such a policy is in direct violation of the Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts. Don't be afraid to use your consumer rights and show this statement to any service person or OEM representative who threatens your right to choose your own supply sources.

  7. What is the difference between cheap generic ink and ink sold by 

    We guarantee our ink to match the print quality of inks produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
    We have tested inks from numerous manufacturers and select only those that meet our high standards. If inks are substandard they may clog or damage the print head, compromising the print quality.
    Our inks have been tested under strict laboratory conditions which examine drying times, density, boiling points, viscosity, surface tension, L*a*b* color values, and PH values.
    Few manufacturers can produce ink that meets the same specifications as the printer manufacturer. InkTec ink does. They guarantee it!