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Safely Storing Inkjet Printers

From time to time, it may become necessary to store an inkjet printer for an extended period of time. Yet, most of us have no idea how to properly store the printer so that once it is removed from storage it has the greatest odds of regaining functionality. When a printer is unused for an extended period of time, the print heads can clog beyond repair.
To avoid having to replace your printer, try following theses simple steps before storing:

1. Step1 Leave your cartridges inside of your printer and press the power button to shut down the machine. If you remove the cartridges, the chances of the print heads clogging increase greatly. By allowing the printer to shut down properly with the cartridges installed, you will reduce the risk of clogging and leaking; the printer will bring the print heads into a sealed position that is intended to protect them from drying out.
2. Step2 After the printer has shut down completely, unplug the power and USB cable from the printer.
3. Step3 Remove any paper left in the paper tray.
4. Step4 Use painters (masking) tape or another low adhesive tape to secure maintenance doors or removable panels.
5. Step5 Place the printer in a plastic bag (use the original packaging if available or a trash a bag).
6. Step6 Place the printer right-side-up into a box with protective foam or paper packaging (use the original packaging if available) and seal the box with packing tape. To ensure proper handling, it is a good idea to label the box "fragile" and "this side up."
7. Store in a cool dry place.

By following these steps, your printer can usually remain in a functional state for 6 months to a year. If you plan on storing your printer for longer than a year, you may want to just find a new user for the printer and plan on purchasing a new printer in the future. Storing an inkjet printer longer than a year without use will probably result in a clogged print head regardless of any precautions you can take.

If you printer is facing shorter periods of inactivity, due to a vacation or sparse usage, the best idea is to just leave your printer plugged in and powered on. Most printers will automatically run print head cleans every week or so to maintain the fidelity of the print heads. These prevent the print heads from drying out, even though you are not printing.