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How to Print a Specific Part on Webpage

Follow These Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Select (highlight) the part you want print.

(Click the part you want to start selecting and drag down up to the end point of what you want to print)

2. Go to File > Print.

Click "Selection" in Page Range section. And, hit "Print."

(depending on web browsers or printers, you need to click "Apply" before "Print" )

>> Bonus Tip
     If you want to print a particular section without pictures, follow the next steps.

2. After step 1 (selection), right-click on the selected part and click "Copy" or hit Ctrl+C.

3. Open "Notepad". Start (on task bar) > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad

4. Go to File > Paste (or hit Ctrl + V).

5. You can modify the space between lines and fonts (Format > Fonts).

6. Go to File > Print.
7.Congratulation! You've accomplished the third lesson.