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How to Use Print Screen Key

Follow These Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Find the Print Screen Key

You'll find it between F12 and the Scroll Lock Key (Laptops have it on a similar spot).

(Desk Top)


2. Hit the key

3. Open Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories >Paint)

4. Once it opens, go to Edit > Paste

5. Let's save this first. Go to File > Save

6. Before printing, go to File > Page Setup

7. Select the Landscape button and Fit to 1 by 1 page.

Your default setting is Portrait and Adjust to 100% normal size. Changing this setting makes what you captured fit into one page.

8. Go to File > Print Preview

9. Now, let's print. On the preview window, just hit the print button.

10.Congratulation! You've accomplished the first lesson.

If you want to email the captured screen, you can save it as JPEG file. More advanced skills like change the size of a captured screen will be in our future lessons, so stay with us.

>> Bonus Tip
If you want to capture only the currently selected window without all other parts like the taskbar, hit Alt + Print Screen key.