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Why Recycle
On average, an empty ink or toner cartridge can be reused between four and seven times.
Inkjet and laser cartridges, sitting in landfills, will be around for at least 10 centuries.
To make one brand new laser cartridge it requires 3.5 quarts of oil but recycling a used cartridge only uses 1.5 -- Oil is a nonrenewable fossil fuel, once it's gone, it's gone.
You can save half a gallon of oil for every laser cartridge you recycle.
The weight of a toner cartridge is about 3 ?to 4 pounds. The total weight of cartridges thrown away each year is equivalent to 112,463 Volkswagen Beetles.
If, in the next seven years, everyone saved their inkjet and laser cartridges from landfills, a bridge could be built from the Earth to the moon -- 223,000 miles.


If you don't want to reuse your empty cartridges, there are better alternatives than throwing them away. The following original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inkjet cartridges may be returned to for recycling.

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How to Recycle
  1. Check the list below to make sure you inkjet cartridge is eligible for recycling.
  2. Put the cartridge into a zip-lock style plastic bag.
  3. Put plastic bag into a mailing envelope.
  4. Click here to  print a Recycling Program FREE Return Postage Mailing Label. 
  5. Cut it out and tape onto your mailing envelope.
  6. Drop the envelope into any United States Postal Service mailbox.