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Fun Pack Printing Tips
All work and no play makes your printer, well, boring. But you're in luck!'s Fun Pack is a sample of specialty paper that will help you print creative projects that will "WoW"your friends and neighbors! But to make sure your printer and new paper get along, read Fillup's Printing Tips.

    Magnet Paper can be used to create your own magnets of images or text documents. Printing Tips:
  • Magnet paper should only be used in inkjet printers.
  • Set the print quality setting to "Best" or the highest setting for your printer.
  • Paper setting can be glossy photo or matte. Experiment to see which setting works for you.
    Vellum Paper is a translucent paper that is often used as a top layer over other papers.
    Printing Tips:
  • Vellum paper can be used in both inkjet and laser printers.
  • Select "Draft" or your printer's lowest setting. Vellum's smooth surface makes it difficult for it to absorb ink from inkjet printers.
  • If available, use "Transparency" as a paper setting.
  • Give vellum paper enough time to dry before touching to reduce ink sumdges.
    Textured Watercolor Paper will give your prints more of an "artsy" feel. The texture of the paper makes your print outs look as if they were printed on canvas.
    Printing Tips:
  • Watercolor paper should only be used in inkjet printers.
  • Experiment with both the paper and print quality settings, to see which will work for your current project.
    High Resolution Inkjet Paper is a coated paper that enhances the print quality. Printing with Hight Resolution paper will give you sharper, brighter images and text.
    Printing Tips:
  • This paper should only be used in inkjet printers.
  • To get the best print outs, select "Best" or your printer's highest setting.
    Iron-on Transfer Paper can be used to create personalized t-shirts, napkins, or tote bags. You can transfer your favorite picture to anything fabric.
    Printing Tips:
  • Transfer Paper should only be used in inkjet printers. The paper can damage your laser printer because the transfer coating can melt and stick to the fuser rollers.
  • Your printer MUST be set to "Mirror Image" or use and image software to flip the image. This is very important if your design has text or writing on it.
  • Use a print setting that will not use too much ink.
With all specialty papers, use the printable side (usually the brighter or textured side). If you print on the wrong side, ink can smear or images will look dull and lifeless.