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Customer's Comments: gph1235bk

Xerox Compatible High Capacity Black Toner Cartridge for Phaser 1235

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Order no.: 269251
Date: 6/15/2004 12:36:11 PM
Rating: Good
The only problem I had was that they sent me a defective cartridge and then expected me to send it back to them at my expense. They would pay up to $3.90(regular postal service), but that would take too long for them to receive my package and mail me a new one. If you send it express, which is what you paid for in the first place, then you must pay for it out of pocket. This increases the overall cost of the product removing the prime reason I use their company-great prices. The product I buy costs me 200.00 per color cartridge and my printer takes four of them. I only order them as they start to run out. This is not a way to treat customers, especially when it is not their fault that the product they sold you was defective. I would have no problem paying for shipping if I was not satisfied with the product, but not when it does not work on my printer. Other than that, they are a wonderful company and have treated me very well(I have ordered with them in the past). They ship your orders out quickly and have fabulous prices. Their reps are very nice and help you out as much as possible. I will continue to shop with them because for those reasons, but their return policy should be reviewed.
Xerox Compatible High Capacity Black Toner Cartridge for Phaser 1235