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Fine Art Duct Tape
Fine Art Duct Tape

Crews of street artists based in Slovenia teamed up to create a graphic art installation made entirely out of colorful duct tape. Featuring a giant octopus, a duct-tape slip and slide, and some very cute little kids, this video is definitely on the verge of going viral. We don't know where "Knafljev prehod" is exactly, but they've got a pretty sweet art scene in the works. Maybe this is a good time to get creative with our plumbing?

Given the nigh-indestructible properties of duct tape, we're sure that art piece will be up there for quite a long time. Artists aren't the only new converts to this sticky medium. The famous duct-tape wallet has always enjoyed underground popularity. (Instructions here) And duct-tape roses are a sweet if nerdy way to say, "I'll love you forever". (Instructions here)

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