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Computerized Christmas Lights

Computerized Christmas Lights

Okay, so Christmas is over, the turkey has been put away, the tree has been taken down. That just leaves...the lights. The endless strings of lights. Out there. In the freezing cold. I mean, it's not tacky to leave them up there for just a few more days, is it? A week? A month? And hey, it's not like they don't have artistic value--especially this guy's, whose 14,000 lights use 96 independent circuits synchronized to blaring techno music. Yeah, better take those down.

But wait--not before you take a picture! Use a digital camera, no flash, and a tripod--or a very, very steady hand. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. Bonus points: We've heard it said that if you take the picture in the dead of night, with the true spirit of Christmas in your heart, you might even see a man on the roof...

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