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Useful Tips > Where is my smartphone?

Where is my smartphone?

Losing a smartphone is not just a problem of losing money to buy a replacement phone. You may lose your contacts, message or your private information stored on the phone. There are many ways you can locate a lost smartphone or protect data on the phone, but a lot of them require that you need to prepare beforehand. Here are some guides both for Android smartphones and IPhones.


There are plenty of third-party apps that can help locating lost phones.


It is the simplest free option. Install the application "LocateMyDroid" on your phone. Signup takes less than thirty seconds to complete (You just need to choose your Google Account). Once activated, you are done! You will then be able to log into your account and start/stop tracking of your phone.

"Wheres My Droid"

With Where's My Droid, you text a secret "attention" word or phrase to the phone. That activates the app's find-me mode, which switches the phone from vibrate to ringer, cranks the volume, and makes it ring for 30 seconds. Alternately, you can text a different word to enable GPS mode. Once the phone locates itself, Where's My Droid will respond with its exact coordinates. Also, if you want remote-wipe capabilities, you'll need Where's My Droid Pro version.

"Plan B"

Plan B is your last resort to find your missing phone. This is the first and only 'find my phone' app that you download AFTER you've already lost your phone.

Thanks to the Android Market's over-the-air installation feature, you can push this app down to your mobile device by installing the app from the Android Market website. Afterwards, the app will automatically start running on your device and it will send its current location to your Gmail address.

iPhone iPhone

  • "Find My iPhone" is a iPhone locator app, which is built into iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. You go to Settings, tap iCloud, and enable Find My iPhone. Then if you misplace your phone, you can sign in to iCloud from any computer or web-enabled device. The approximate location of your iPhone will be displayed on a map.

  • Find My iPhone also includes Lost Mode, which further helps locate and secure a lost device. If your iPhone is missing, you can immediately lock your phone with a 4-digit passcode and send a message that will display a contact number on the home screen of your phone. This enables anyone finding the phone to call you from your locked screen without accessing any other data. While in Lost Mode, the device will also keep track of where it’s been and report back to you anytime you check in with the Find My iPhone app.

  • Find My iPhone also has security features that will allow you to lock or “wipe” your iPhone if you think it has been stolen or if your efforts to recover it have been unsuccessful. Initiating a remote wipe restores the phone to its factory settings. If you eventually find the phone, then you can recover your contacts and data using the iCloud backup.