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Web page printing tips

Removing or customizing headers and footers when printing web pages

It can be useful to have information about the print job, such as number of pages, and the URL when printing a web page, but you may not need or want any more printed than the content of the web page.

To remove or customize the headers and footers when printing in Internet Explorer:

  1. In your web browser, click the File menu and select Page Setup... to open the page setup dialog box.
  2. The Headers and Footers section contains what appears to be gibberish but these characters determine the headers and/or footers that will be printed when you print a web page. The screenshot shown below contains the default header and footer for Internet Explorer 6.
    1. To remove headers or footers, remove the characters from the Header and Footer fields and click OK.
    2. To customize the header and footer, type in the characters for the items you want to be printed (see Table 1 below for the characters and their meanings).

    Type To get...
    &w Window title
    &u Page address (URL)
    &d Date in short format (as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel)
    &D Date in long format (as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel)
    &t Time in the format specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel
    &T Time in 24-hour format
    &p Current page number
    &P Total number of pages
    && A single ampersand (&)
    &b The text immediately following these characters as centered.
    &b&b The text immediately following the first "&b" as centered, and the text following the second "&b" as right-justified.
    Add text You can customize the header or footer by adding text, such as Printed by John Doe on __ (type code for date)