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Useful Tips > Is a Refill Kit Right For You?

Is a Refill Kit Right For You?

Remanufactured printer cartridges have surged in popularity over the last decade, and for good reason. In addition to the fact that remanufactured cartridges cost significantly less than their OEM (original equipment manufacturer) counterparts, refurbished cartridges also help keep lots of additional waste out of the environment via the recycling process.
In addition to the remanufactured cartridges available on the market today, there are also refill kits which allow home users to refill their own used cartridges, leading to an even greater savings in time and money. One of the most common questions that customers have is: what exactly is a refill kit, and how does it work? But by far the more emphatic question is: is it hard to do?
The answer is: the refill process is actually quite simple. Though there are different refill kits for different brands and specific models of printers, they all share the same general components and follow the same general procedure. The difference between the kits is primarily centered on the type of ink, as each printer model usually needs a specific ink type. Regardless of those differences, each kit comes with clear, concise, printed instructions to help make the refill process as smooth and painless as possible.
In general, a refill kit contains these basic components: inkwells, plastic syringe, sticker, and instructions. Most kits come with two plastic 20ml ink vials which allows for multiple refills of a single used cartridge (the actual number of refills varies from kit to kit). The plastic syringe is used to draw ink from the vials (the exact amount of ink needed is noted in each kitís instruction booklet) and then to inject the ink into the used cartridge. The instructions for each kit will detail whether or not you need to create a new hole in the cartridge and will, if necessary, also provide a sticker to place onto the cartridge which will guide you to the proper injection site.
Following the actual injection of the ink into the refill kit, the instructions will usually call for priming the newly refilled cartridge. This simply means that the syringe may need to be re-inserted into a channel in the refilling clip to draw out any air in the print head. Once this is done, your used cartridge is now refilled and ready to use.
Using refill kits to refill your own used cartridges is a highly cost-effective way of maintaining your ink supply while also helping to keep additional waste out of the environment. offers a wide variety of refill kits for many different makes and models of printers. To see if we have a refill kit for your specific ink cartridge, simply check out our website and look up your printer on the menu on the left side of the page.