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Useful Tips > How To Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges

How To Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges

Are you currently sitting on a hoard of used, depleted inkjet or toner cartridges? Most people are, and for good reason: recycling old cartridges helps both the environment and other printer users y providing the cores for remanufactured cartridges. Yet, a lot of people are sitting on that trove of cartridges because, though they know they shouldnít just toss them in the trash, they are not sure how to properly recycle them. Here are some solutions, divided broadly into local solutions and online solutions. Please note that each program varies as to whether they accept aftermarket cartridges for cash, though most will still recycle those cartridges even if they donít pay out for them.

Locally, you might want to take your cartridges to a store such as Office Depot or Officemax, though these two retailers have somewhat stringent provisions.

OfficeDepot has a very straightforward and simple recycling program. Visit the recycling portion of their website and you will be prompted to fill out your details on a short form, after which you will be provided with a free UPS shipping label which you can then use to send in your ink and toner cartridges. Though there isnít a rewards program for the returns, the process of sending in your used items is simple and quick and, of course, helps the environment. For more information on the OfficeDepot recycling program, please visit
For online-only solutions, you can check out Recycle4Charities, a website that will generate a pre-paid shipping label for you to use when sending in your ink and toner cartridges for recycling. The shipping label will be free to you if you send a minimum of 20 qualified cartridges. You can receive cash for what you send in, or you can choose to donate the money to a charity of your choice.
For more information please visit

Another online solution is, which only pays for OEM cartridges. When you visit their site, you simply choose the brand and the model of cartridge, and after you input this information the website will provide you with the prices EmeraldRecycling will pay.
For more information please visit
So before you think about tossing any old inkjet or toner cartridges in the garbage, please take a look at these different recycling solutions to ensure both a greener planet and a wider market for remanufactured cartridges in the future.