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How to Print to a PDF File

How to Print to a PDF File

An increasing awareness of the scarcity of resources on our planet has been developing over the past few decades. Trees are one of those resources. It has been estimated that one ream of paper (500 sheets) incorporates 6% of one tree. With the advent of the information super highway and extremely affordable printing, it has become easy for some of us to run anywhere from 2-5 trees through our printers every year. The internet makes articles, coupons, recipes, pictures, instructions, sheet music, and much more easily available and printable for immediate consumption or to file away for future use.

To help cut back on paper consumption, consider printing to a PDF file instead. Then, when you absolutely need a printed copy of the information, you can do so easily and quickly without having to go online to find the information again. Instead of sending coupons and news articles to my printer, I print them to PDF and file them on my hard drive in a categorically organized digital document archive. If I decide to use a coupon, or other document, I go and open the PDF file on my computer and print only the page(s) needed. This has conserved an incredible amount of paper an ink when compared to my previous habits.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and it was originally developed by Adobe Systems in 1993. Until recent years, the ability to publish or print to PDF was reserved for licensed owners of Adobe Acrobat. Now, there are multiple free 3rd party PDF creators that are easy to install and easy to use.

Step 1 -

Choose and Install Print-to-PDF Software. Here are some free options:
CutePDF Writer ( )
PrimoPDF ( )
Pfd995 Printer Driver ( )
PDF Printer ( )

Step 2 -

When you want to create a PDF from a web page or document, go to FILE, select PRINT, and then scroll down the list of printers until you find the PDF printer you installed. Select that as your printer and when prompted, type a name and select a destination folder for your PDF file.