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Useful Tips > Creating and Printing Your Own Anamorphic Illusions

Creating and Printing Your Own Anamorphic Illusions

If you’re looking for something fun and creative to do and want to spend some quality time with your printer, anamorphic illusions are just the thing for you. An anamorphic illusion is an optical illusion whose effect is based on the viewing angle; in other words what seems like a perfectly normal, two-dimensional printed image becomes a stunning, three-dimensional image when viewed from one particular angle. The best part about these illusions is how simple they are to enjoy: just find them and print them, or make your own.

Anamorphic illusions became an internet sensation when YouTube user Brasspup created three different illusions and uploaded them to the popular video sharing site.
The three objects used by Brasspup were a Rubik’s cube, a roll of tape, and an ordinary shoe. When you first view the three objects in the video, they seem to be the actual, three-dimensional items depicted.

However, when Brasspup reaches down and suddenly rotates the piece of paper the items appear to be sitting on, you quickly realize that the objects are not sitting on pieces of paper: the objects are printed on the paper! Brasspup even included high-resolution scans of all three objects for you print out and try at home.
You can see the videos and find the links to the printable images here:

After experiencing those anamorphic illusions for yourself, maybe you will feel brave enough to try and create your own.
Lucky for you, a user named Greasetattoo over at Instructables has created a step-by-step how-to guide for creating and printing your own illusions.

You will need an image-editing program (Greasetattoo uses CorelDraw) in order to properly produce the desired perspective changes in your images, but no other software or hardware is necessary.
You will not only learn to produce and print your own anamorphic illusions, but also to draw the illusions yourself with sidewalk chalk!
You can find all of the instructions here:
Have fun with these mind-bending illusions!