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Useful Tips > Anytime, Anywhere: Printing From Your Mobile Device

Anytime, Anywhere: Printing From Your Mobile Device

3D PrintingHave you ever left the house or office and realized afterward that you forgot to print a document? In the past, you would have to turn around and go back or find another computer somewhere to print your needed materials. But with advances in smart phone technology, mobile printing has now become a practical and simple task, allowing you to print from virtually anywhere while on the go.

In order to take advantage of mobile printing, whether on an Android or iOS device, one simply needs to access the app store. There are a variety of apps out there designed to assist the user with mobile printing, from apps for general use across the printer model spectrum to those designed specifically for certain makes of printer. It is as simple as selecting a document or image to print on your mobile device, then choosing a nearby Wi-Fi enabled printer. And just like that, you are printing on the go.

PrinterShare is a free general mobile printing app that is available for both Apple and Android users, and can be used to print directly and securely from your mobile device to a Wi-Fi enabled printer on a nearby local network, all without having to install any software on the printer's home computer. If there is no available printer nearby, long-range printing can be accessed for any printer whose home computer has the PrinterShare software installed. After signing up for a free PrinterShare account on your mobile device, you can immediately access any of these machines that are PrinterShare enabled, no matter how far away they are. The list of compatible printer models is always growing, and can be reviewed at

Some printer manufacturers have created apps designed to work specifically with their printer models. If you are using an HP printer, there is an Android app called HP ePrint and an Apple app called AirPrint which allow you to print straight from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Blackberry. Both of these apps are free and allow you to print to any device on your local network; there are also HP public print locations for those times when you are away from your home or office network. These public print locations can be found at places like FedEx and UPS stores, Hilton hotels, and airport kiosks. You can configure printer settings from the app (such as selecting double sided printing or multiple copies) and can print photos, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint slides, Excel files, PDFs, and more.

Another brand-specific app is Brother's free iPrint & Scan, which is available for Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone devices. Some email services such as Gmail also have mobile apps that allow you to print from Google's Cloud service while on the go. The key is to search the App Store or Google Play to find out which apps are available for your mobile device; there are plenty of them out there, and they all make printing on the go a simple and time-saving decision. Whether you are looking for a brand-specific app or a generalized program capable of printing from your mobile device to any internet-connected printer, there are several options available. Printing from one's mobile phone may have seemed like science-fiction only a few years ago, but the future is finally here.