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5 Tips To Maximize Your Smartphone Battery Life

5 Tips To Maximize Your Smartphone Battery Life

You know smartphone battery life doesnít last forever. Sure, the smart thing to do is to always have your charger handy. But life doesnít always go according to plan. So if your chargerís at home and youíre not, how can you stall that powerless feeling for as long as possible? Here are our top 5 battery tips.
  1. Turn Down Your Displayís Brightness
    Unless you spend most of your day out under the sun, you donít need to keep your phone on a high brightness setting. Bring down your brightness as low as possible. Not only will this save your battery, but youíll be doing your eyes a favor too.
  2. Turn Off WiFi
    Most of us are guilty of leaving our WiFi on 24/7. But have you stopped to ask yourself how often you are actually using your device over WiFi throughout the day? By turning off the WiFi antenna when you are not using it you will save all of the power exhausted as your phone constantly searches for WiFi networks to connect to.
  3. Turn Off Bluetooth
    Just like WiFi, many of us leave our Bluetooth on so that once we engage with a Bluetooth device we are ready to go. And just like WiFi, this is a huge waste of power. When you have your Bluetooth on, your device is constantly scanning for devices and wasting precious battery life.
  4. Turn Off GPS
    GPS is another constantly connected radio that drains your battery life. If you do not rely heavily on location services, keep them off. You can turn them off for individual apps or turn off location services altogether.
  5. Upgrade Software and Applications
    As new updates come out for your operating system and apps, it is very likely that these updates will contain optimizations to increase performance and efficiency. Keep your apps up to date and they should help your battery last longer and longer.