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How to Recycle your Printer

How to Recycle your Printer

With the recent explosion of personal printer ownership, the choice to recycle has extended beyond used cartridges to printers themselves. Whether you are disposing of a one that still works, or one that has seen better days, there a multiple options for recycling your old printer. Here are three easy options that not only save the planet, but could save you money.

The Charitable Option:

If you printer is still functioning, consider donating it to a charitable thrift store. Not only does this keep the printer in use and out of a landfill, but your donation goes towards supporting charitable causes and itís tax deductible.

The HP Option:

Whether your printer works, or not, HP offers multiple options for customers looking to recycle an old printer. If you are looking to buy a new printer, though the HP Trade-In Program, you can earn up to $700 towards the purchase of a new machine. If you are not seeking to purchase a new printer, HP still offers a buy-back program for functioning printers that currently maintain a resale value. And if your printer does not qualify for the buy-back program, HP offers a simple recycling program that is free for all HP and Compaq devices. If you have a non-HP/Compaq device, HP will still accept the device for a small fee. Click HERE for more info.

The Staples Option:

Staples offers customers two options. You can trade in your printer for $50 towards a purchase of a new printer (priced $199 or above), or you can just recycle your printer. They will recycle Dell machines for free, but all other brands will only incur a $10 recycling fee. For more information click HERE.