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Greening Your Printer

Greening Your Printer

The approach of Earth Day is another reminder that we all should do what we can to conserve. Saving ink by choosing a more efficient font is a good start, but itís only the beginning. Here are five more ways you can green your printer.
Even when your printer is turned off, itís still sucking a tiny amount of electricity off the grid. Turning off the surge protector is just like unplugging your printer as far as the power company is concerned. Also, it just makes sense to have your valuable electronics protected by a surge protector.
Use email and online faxing instead of paper whenever possible. The average American office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper each year, and those 10,000 sheets take more than a single tree to produce. Thatís one tree for each of us, which adds up to a pretty big forest. Only take what you need.
Recycling paper is easy. Most towns and cities now have a service which collects paper, aluminum, and plastic for recycling. Find out where the nearest drop-off point is to your office. They may make pickups right at your front door, or in a special bin near your dumpster. You can also use recycled paper, allowing you to recycle on both ends of the print job.
This will extend the life of your ink and toner. You can usually find these options by pressing the ďPropertiesĒ button in the upper right of the window the pops up when you click your printing icon.
Some things, like fliers and posters meant to go on walls, really can only use one side of the page. But for almost everything else, printing on the back of the page is perfectly viable. If your printer has an option for it, take advantage of it and cut the amount of paper you use in half.

The great thing about conserving is that itís not just good for the environment. All of these suggestions will also save you money by cutting down on your printersí costs of ownership. Being conservation minded is best when it puts more green in your wallet as well as outside your window.