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Useful Tips > Kickstarter Watch: FlipBooKit CRAFT

Kickstarter Watch: FlipBooKit CRAFT

Beyond day to day business applications, printers are a powerful tool in the pursuit of unique artistic endeavors. Thanks to shinymind (Wendy Marvel and Mark Rosen) and their Kickstarter project, FlipBooKit, artists and craft enthusiasts will soon have another creative application for their printers. FlipBooKit is a hand-cranked movie machine that allows anyone to make animated art. Via their free online “make-your-own” flip-animation tool, anyone can take short video clips, convert and format them to be printed on labels and applied to FlipBooKit flip cards. Paired with the great prices here at, the possibilities are endless.

Mavel and Rosen first launched FlipBooKit on Kickstarter in 2012, and have since delivered over 5,000 units, but now they’re back with new manufacturing, lower costs, and a community outreach program to take FlipBooKit to the next level. There are many pledge packages available for very reasonable prices, and delivery is estimated before Christmas this year. This could be the perfect quirky gift for that artsy techie in the family that is always the hardest to shop for, or a great craft project for the kids. CLICK HERE -> to check it out now

Kickstarter is a website where individuals and organizations can essentially pitch an idea for a product or a service and, if enough people pledge financial support within a 30 day period, the product is developed and manufactured with the pledge money. There are different levels of pledge available, ranging from $5 to $10,000, with each level providing unique benefits to those that pledge. The key to Kickstarter is that if the funding goal set by the project's founder isn't met within 30 days, none of the pledges are charged; your card is only charged if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.