Best Deal for Smartphone Plan: Solavei

Here at, our two main preoccupations are promoting value and cost savings. Our business is printer ink, but like most dot com companies we're all tech junkies and love our smartphones. They are one of the greatest gifts of the 21st century; the world is at our fingertips wherever we go. Almost half of all Americans own one, and they are reshaping the way we communicate, learn, and do business. Smartphones have become indispensable extensions of our bodies and minds.

Recently our company's wireless contract ended and found ourselves wondering if we were getting the best value at the best price with our current provider. After checking prices with the other big wireless carriers, we realized that that there wasn't very much cost savings to be found. It turns out that data services are an unavoidably expensive with the big carriers. At this point, we decided to explore prepaid carriers as an option.

Exploring the multitude of prepaid services was overwhelming. We needed to find a way to effectively and efficiently identify if there were any prepaid carriers that offered the value of a contract carrier with the cost savings of no-contract prepaid service. So, we evaluated carriers looking for the best coverage, fastest speeds, most flexibility, and greatest savings. In the end, one carrier stuck out like a sore thumb: Solavei

Solavei, Clear Winner

Solavei is a newer pre-paid carrier that offers service for GSM phones (with a sim card). They provide nationwide coverage on the T-Mobile network, with free roaming whenever T-Mobile networks are not available. This is a feature that is hard to come by with most pre-paid carries. In addition to its coverage, the T-Mobile network brings incredibly fast 3G/4G speeds (HSPA+) to Solavei. We tested Solavei on a Samsung Galaxy S III and clocked download speeds average about 20Mbps. With the rapidly evolving nature of data services on mobile devices, it is important to have a service that gives you the flexibility to take advantage of higher data speeds. Most carriers limit full speed data after 250mb to 2gb. Solavei, on the other hand, offers their high speed service for up to 4gb!

Bottom Line

As for the bottom line, Solavei runs at $49/month per line. That is $49 for unlimited talk, text and data (4gb @ full speed). We found a pre-paid carrier with the value of a contract carrier with incredible cost savings. It's true that there are less expensive pre-paid plans available. Some plans offer service starting at $40/month, but when you compare their service to what Solavei has to offer, they cannot compare. Most of these plans limit data at 250mb, and limit your coverage.

Some of us were hesitant to switch to a prepaid plan. We were used to getting new phones with new service, but with prepaid plans you usually have to buy the phone outright by yourself. After doing the math, we found that even if we bought all of our phones outright, the cost was more than made up by our monthly savings.

Social Commerce

Beyond its value and cost savings, Solavei has another dimension that is completely new to the wireless industry. Instead of investing heavily in advertising, Solavei relies on their customers to spread the word. They take the money that they would have spent on advertising and pay it back to their customers for doing what they do best: communicating. They call this social commerce. Basically, for every three people that sign up with your referral, you get $20 back for every month that they continue to use the service. The incentive structure grows from there, but at its core it represents the first product that actually pays you to tell people how happy you are with their service, instead of paying actors to bore you to death 30 seconds at a time during commercial breaks.

Solavei represented something so revolutionary that we couldn't help but tell our customers about it. We use our newsletter to promote value and cost savings, and Solavei is a champion of both. To check out Solavei follow this link:

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