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5% Coverage

5% Coverage... What is it?

You may have seen it written in the fine print on some ink cartridge boxes when you buy them at the store or hear it from a friend or somewhere on the Internet.
It is a measure of how much a single letter-sized (8.5x11) sheet of paper is covered in ink.
5% means that only 5% of the paper is covered in ink
, and if you print all of your papers with only 5% coverage then you would be able to get the rated number of pages out of that one cartridge, which varies from a few hundred pages to a few thousand pages.
If you were to print more coverage per page, then you would get fewer pages out of that cartridge than their suggested page yield. Most people print items such as:

  • recipes for the kitchen
  • assignments for school
  • flyers to post up
  • important documents at work

With them comes a higher coverage, on average 10-25%. The different type of fonts, bold, italic types will play a factor on the page yield as well.
A good example would be this paper you are currently reading, it is 5.19% coverage equaling to 1.04 pages.
We used software called APFILL developed by to measure the actual page coverage. As you saw

there were different words that have been bolded and/or underlined, the paper is written in Times New Roman font and the size is set at 12, which is my default setting for my version of Microsoft Word. Changing the font to Century Gothic, changing the font size to 11 or lower, and using less bold type will help reduce the page coverage, giving you more pages per cartridge.