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Soaking Technique

Many of us have experience problems with our cartridges. But not all of us knew we can solve some of these problems with technical support. Some common cartridge problems are:

  • Cartridge won't print
  • Some colors are not printing
  • Print is coming out streaked or faded
  • Cartridge is leaking after Refilling.

The soaking technique can help you with most printing problems

Here is how it works:

1. Fill a disposable bowl or cup (e.g. styrofoam) with 3/4-1 inch of hot water (not boiling)

2. Place the cartridge in the water, nozzle down

3. Soak the cartridge for 12-24 hours, preferably overnight.

4. After soaking, remove the cartridge from the water and dry off the nozzles using a soft tissue or paper towel.

5. Place the cartridge back in the printer and run a printhead clean.

6. Run a test page to determine success.

>>> Note * This technique is for remanufactured cartridges ONLY (excluding Epson and Canon). It should not be done with a compatible cartridge.