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Internet Safety for Kids: Search Filters

This lesson is for three search engines. If your prefer using another search engine, try this lesson looking for similar settings. Please note not all search engines may have a search filter.

Follow These Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Depending on what search website you use, click on the "Preferences" or "Settings". If you are using click on "Options".

search safe

2. You will be led to the website's Search Preferences Page. Scroll down until you find the Content Filter Section. When using, after you select "Content Filtering" a dialogue box will appear.

search safe

3. Edit or select the level of filtering you want. Once you have selected your choices hit "Save Preferences, Settings, or hit OK"

>>> Note
Please remember this isn't a 100% guarantee. These search engines attempt to filter as much of the adult content from their search results. There is not guarantee that all adult content will be removed. Careful monitoring of your children's internet usage and enabling the Content Advisor can help keep your children and grandchildren from visiting sites that might be too mature for their age.