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How to Make All The Folders Have The Same View

Follow These Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Open any folder. (Opening My Document folder here for example.)

   Start > My Document

2. Select the view you want.
   View > Click the option you want

3. Open Folder Option dialogue box.
   Tools > Folder Options

4. Click the view tab.

5. Click "Apply all folders" in the Folder Views section

6. The confirmation dialogue box will come up. Click "Yes"

7. Click "OK" in the Folder Option dialogue box.

8. Congratulations! When you open any folder dialogue box, it will have the same view as you have selected here.

>>> Note
1. This doesn't apply to the folder dialogue box in some applications (e.g. "open" dialogue box in Photoshop, Adobe Reader, etc.)
2. Depending on operating systems and versions, the result could be different.