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How to Print Multiple Files Together

Follow These Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Create a temporary folder for the files you want to print together.

    (Let's create one on the desktop for the instruction.)
   Go to Desktop > Right Click > New > Folder > Type in File Name


2. Find the file you want print and copy it.
   Right Click > Copy (or click the file > Ctrl + C)

3. Go to the temporary folder and paste it. Repeat this until you have all the files to print in the temporary folder.
   Right Click > Paste (or Ctrl + V)

4. Select all the files in the folder and print them.

    Ctrl + A > Right Click on one of selected files > Print
5. Each program and file will be opened and printed automatically.
>>> Note
1. The print window will appear in some programs (e.g. Photoshop).
2. Some programs are not opened but files are printed automatically (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader)
3. Depending on operating systems and versions, the result could be different.