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Printing on Ribbons


Printing on Ribbons
Make Your Gift Wrapping Personal or Add a Message to Holiday Cakes

Choose a smooth, light colored ribbon.  You need one that is thin and that will lay flat on the paper.  Ribbons that are too slick may smear.

In any word processing program, type your message and format the type with the style of your choice and in a size that will fit onto your ribbon.  Print the message onto plain paper. 

Apply double-stick tape to the back of your ribbon then position over the words you just printed.  You can usually see through the ribbon which helps to center your message.  Press firmly to work out any ripples.  You want the ribbon to lay perfectly flat so it won't catch on anything as it passes through the printer.

Put the paper back into the printer and print the document again.  YOU WILL WANT TO CHOOSE THE PRINTER SETTING FOR PRINTING ON INKJET TRANSPARENCIES.  This setting lays down less ink and will minimize the bleeding or streaking of ink on the ribbon. 

Separate the ribbon from the paper and remove the tape and then use to decorate a package or lay across the top of a cake.