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Printing Project > Neighborhood contacts Page

Neighborhood contacts Page

This week is another installment of editable pages for a household organizer.

More people move at the beginning of summer than any other time. If you are looking forward to a move, you know you will need to contact all your utility services, as well as schools, and other providers.

We've created an organizer page where you can record contact information and account numbers so making arrangements will be a snap. Don't forget you can find local providers easily in Google by typing what you need and the zip code--for example, "minor emergency clinic 78240."

Neighborhood contacts Page Click here for Neighborhood contacts Page (PDF file)

Click here for Neighborhood contacts Page (DOC document)

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We've also included a template to print dividers for your binder. (We recommend using a 2-3 inch, heavy-duty 3-ring binder.)
Click here for Divider Template (Word Version)
Template is designed for Avery˘ç Index Maker˘ç Translucent Clear Label Dividers 11433, 8-Tab Set