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Printing Project > Medication records

Medication records

April 1-7 is MEDICATION SAFETY WEEK (since 1999)
To help keep your doctors and care givers informed about what medications you are taking use the medication records at right.

The Medication Record is a full-size page to record medications taken, with dosages, frequency, allergies, etc.
Keep in on your refrigerator so Emergency Personnel can find in quickly should you ever need assistance.

Medication Record Download Medication Record
(Word format) , (PDF format)
The Medication Card is a business-card size log of your medications that you can carry with you. Include prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as herbal and supplements so you health care providers can be aware of potential complications.
NOTE : To print this 2-sided card, print the card front then re-insert the paper and print the card back according to your printer's directions for 2-sided printing.
Medication Record Download Medication Card Front
(Word format) , (PDF format)
Medication Record Medication Card Back
(PDF format)