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Mother's Day Project

Candy Bar Bouquet Sheet

Give mom food for thought when you wrap her favorite candy bar in these “Mother’s Day” wrappers. Each features a famous quote about a special mother.
Click here to Download for a "printable version" of our Mother's Day Candy Bar Bouquet in MS Word.  Each sheet has a different quote related to mothers.

Candy Bar Bouquet Sheet 1

(MS Word , 571kb)

Candy Bar Bouquet Sheet 2

(MS Word , 587kb)

Candy Bar Bouquet Sheet 3

(MS Word , 548kb)

Candy Bar Bouquet Sheet 4

(MS Word , 581kb)
  • 4 decorative “Mother’s Day Wrappers” (Candy Bar Bouquet)
  • 4 standard-size candy bars of choice
  • 4 ¼-inch wooden dowels
  • 1 bright-colored coffee mug
  • 1 Styrofoam ball of a size that will fit inside coffee mug
  • Bright-colored confetti strips
  • “Food for Thought” gift tag (shown below)
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Double-stick tape
  • Download quote wrappers. (Candy Bar Bouquet)
  • Print and cut out wrappers. (Candy Bar Bouquet)
  • Use double-stick tape to attach wrappers to candy bars
  • Tape each candy bar to a wooden dowel
  • Put Styrofoam ball inside coffee mug
  • Insert dowels into Styrofoam to create bouquet
  • Use Elmer’s glue to cover top of Styrofoam with bright shredded confetti strips
  • Cut out gift tag and attach to outside of coffee mug with double-stick tape
Down Load Tag

Cut out and attach to mug with double-stick tape