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Outdoor Apron Iron-Ons

You can customize your gardening or barbecue aprons by arranging the images in the positions you prefer!

* If you don't have any Iron-on Transfer Paper, we carry it in our Specialty Paper Fun Pack!


  • One or more blank Gardening or Barbecue aprons.
  • One or more pieces of Iron-on Transfer printing paper.
  • An iron.
  • A smooth non-porous surface to work on.
  • A pair of scissor or a X-ACTO knife

Printing Instructions

  • Choose the images you prefer, and add the special paper to the printer.
  • Make sure you place the iron-on transfer paper in your printer with the back of the paper facing up (print side down).
  • Once it has fully dried, get a pair of scissors and cut around the edge leaving about of white around the images and arrange then in the order you prefer.
* Remember the image is going to print out backwards so the transfer will be facing the correct direction.

Ironing Instructions

  • Place the fabric on a hard non-absorbent surface. A pillow case can be used for padding. (Make sure the surface is completely smooth)
  • Let the Iron warm up for about 5 to 10 minutes and place it to the highest dry setting. (no stream)
  • Iron the area you wish to place the image, and let the surface cool before you place the transfer on it.
  • Place the transfer with the image face down on the t-shirt (the white side will be facing you) and iron it on.
* It might take a while to download.