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Fourth of July Fans

These quick and easy fans are an ideal choice for keeping cool at your Fourth-of-July picnic, or for fun decorations.  You can make them in just about any size. 

We've designed small fans perfect for placing atop cupcakes or in straws with your lemonade.
To make fans,
  1. Click below to print designs then cut out.  If using other paper, choose a piece of paper with a width that is equal to the diameter of fan you desire and about 1.5 times as long as the width (example 2-inches wide by 3 inches etc.)

    1. Stars(4.5x3 in.)
    2. Stars(8x5 in.)
    3. Stripes(4.5x3 in.)
    4. Stripes(8x5 in.)
  1. Accordion fold the paper.
  2. Hold the folded paper closed and staple in the middle,  perpendicular to the folds.
  3. Cut both ends to form points.
  4. Bring sides of fan together on one end to form a half-circle.  Run a strip of glue to hold together and
    secure with a clip while drying.
  5. When dry, bring other two sides together to completely open fan.  Before gluing, attach a toothpick, popsicle
    stick or floral wire to one edge.  Glue two edges
    together and secure with clip until glue dries.

If you want a design on both sides, glue two sheets of paper together "right" sides facing out then accordion fold.  Try stars on one side and stripes on the other for a fun effect.  If using two sheets of paper, you will want to secure in the middle with wire instead of stapling and you may want to leave the edges untrimmed which will create a circular fan instead of a starburst.