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Content Advisor

Follow These Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Open Internet Explorer > Tools and scroll down to Internet Options

2. Select the 'Content Tab' Under Content Advisor hit 'Enable'

3. In the first tab 'Ratings' you can adjust how strict your restrictions will be for each category. This will allow the user to visit those websites that match your preferences and have a RASC rating. (Please note any website without a RASC rating will be restricted)

4. When you select the 'Approved Sites' you will be able to allow websites that don't have a RASC rating. Simply type the address of any website and click 'Always' to make the website unrestricted

5. Now you will need to set a password up to ensure that no one can disable the Content Advisor.

6. Now if your child or grandchild visits a site that is not allowed they will be asked for the Supervisor password. You can either put this on the safe list or not allow them to ever visit the page.

>>> Note
Please remember this isn't a 100% guarantee. Careful monitoring of your children’s internet usage and enabling the Content Advisor can help keep your children and grandchildren from visiting sites that might be too mature for their age.