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Improving Computer Visibility for Aging Eyes

How to Increase Font Size
in Your Computer Settings

(Instructions for Windows XP Operating System)
  • 1. Minimize or close any open programs so you can see the desktop.
  • 2. Right click in an open area of the desktop and choose PROPERTIES from the menu. (Figure 1)
  • 3. In the Display Properties Dialogue Box, click on the APPEARANCE tab (Figure 2)
  • 4. In the Font Size box, click the down arrow and choose Large Fonts or Extra Large Fonts.
  • 5. Click OK to accept changes. The Fonts on your desktop and in Menus and Dialogue boxes will appear larger, and hopefully easier to read.
(Figure 1)

        (Figure 2)

How to Enlarge Web Page Size

  • 1. Open your web browser and navigate to a web page with plenty of type so you can easily see the increase size.
  • 2. Hold down the CTRL button and the + button on the keyboard. The page will be enlarged. To enlarge the page more, do it again. To reduce page size, hold down the CTRL button and the - button on the keyboard.