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Bedroom Door Hangers

Genius at Work (door hanger)
(pdf document)

Girl Spa (door hanger)
(pdf document)

Baby at Sleep (door hanger)
(pdf document)

Street Light (door hanger 1)
(pdf document)

Street Light (door hanger 2)
(pdf document)
* It might take a couple of minute to download.

   - Set print quality to highest setting then print.
   - Use glue or spray adhesive to stick your image to a more stable material like card stock, a shoe      box lid, or a folder.
   - Trim the border off the door hanger, cut a side slit and the circle.
   - Wait till it is fully dried before using.

* Our Specialty Paper Fun Pack contains high resolution inkjet paper that will make your door hangers brighter and more vivid.
Click here for Fun Pack