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How to Set Up an Auto Reply (1) - Microsoft Outlook

Follow These Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Open a new Outlook message as plain text (the form of Microsoft Word does not work for this function). Type your reply message and click Save As on the File menu.

2. Select the Outlook Template in the Save As Type list. Name the template and save it.

3. On the Tools, select Rules and Alerts (in other versions, you can select Rules Wizard directly - in this case, skip step 4).

4. Click the New Rule.

5. Select "Start from blank rule" and "Check messages when they arrive". And click Next.

6. In the list, select the option you want to apply (for example, "sent only to me"). Then, click Next.

7. In the next list, select reply using a specific template. Then click underlined "a specific template" in Step 2 box. Then click Next.

8. Select "User Template in File System" in Look in section. Select the template you created through step 1 to 2. Then click Open.

9. Select any exceptions you need (for example, "except if it is an Out of office message"). Then, click Next.

10. Name the rule and click Finish.

>>> Note
* Depending on versions of Outlook, the process and result could be different.